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My name is Klaudia Stopka-Alatoe, and I am the creator of ‘KLODIEE’ ;Luxury dresses for girls made by hand.

My company already started a long time ago, just as a mere thought in my head. Back then it was also a new time for me, after just arriving in the Netherlands. “Why this country? “. Many people are still asking me this up until today. Probably because I am an incorrigible romantic and I set out on this journey following the love of my life. So here I am, in love with my family and this beautiful water country. The first step I took was finding a job. At the beginning it was quite difficult, but eventually I found an occupation in a small company with a unique selling product-and story that inspired me to create baby clothes. Even back then, my whole idea was just a dream behind the fog, how difficult to implement – at least, that’s what I thought it was. Since then, unknowingly, I was walking with small steps towards sewing and making my dreams come true. My parents were my support at the very beginning, they gave me my first sewing machine. I was pleasantly surprised, when I found out that in my family both my grandmother and my mother sewed, knitted and even crocheted, and now I am the third generation that probably makes all of their (but mostly my own) dreams come true. It was from them that I learned the basics. I am also very grateful to my dad, who taught me how to use the sewing machine. Talking with him, asking him almost everything and when I couldn’t figure it out, he would just show it to me during a video-call. So that was the way that I started, finding a specific job and making baby-steps towards my goal.

My greatest inspiration is my beloved daughter Dalia. She completes this story but she additionally continues it. She is my muse, lady, teacher, example… actually, she is everything I would like to be. She makes me a better mother, wife, citizen, creator – a better version of myself.

KLODIEE is definitely a family business with many values and love. We believe that every child comes into this world by us, adults, but the fact as well is, is that every new born has an unique mission to fulfill, and WE, as a clothing brand for girls, want to help them feel even more special through with what they will be dressed in.

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